Our Clients

Our team of professional comprises of very qualified individual with experience in different industries and thus we have comprehensive accountancy/bookkeeping packages for almost every business type.

NGO-Non governmental organisations

We understand that most of the NGO's projects need special reporting. We tailor our accounting system to capture each project independently for project reporting purposes. We also set budgets to track project expenditure in real time basis.

SACCOS and Microfinance institutions

we evaluate the acounting system in place and give recommendations. We also supervise the accounting department work through internal audits and regular checks.

Service Industry.

We setup a reliable accounting services system that ensures that all accounting records are well fileds, captured into accounting system and periodic management reports can be extracted. We ensure that management understand the financial reports and secured access to the financial reports is enhanced.

Real Estate and Property Management

We setup a reliable accounting system that tracks all the property independently and reports profitability per each property. We work with the estate management to generate accounts receivable reports to enhance collection.

Learning Institutions.

Tracking the number of students and school fees collection is very important in this industry, we ensure that the accounting system we have set can be relied upon both in fees collection and expenses tracking.

Religious Institutions.

We help such institutions in setting up accounting system that will create transparency and enhance accountability.